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Install a RV Air Conditioner in Your Home

In this video I install a Dometic Brisk II - Recreation Vehicle type air conditioner on the roof of my daughter Amy's garage.

Installing a Split Air Conditioner

In this videio I install a split air conditioner in our home. The compressor condenser is outdoors and 4 units (cooler and air mover) are installed indoors. Installation, wiring and routing of both refrigerant and condensate lines all explained.

Install a Water Leak Detection and Shut Off System

In this video I install a a Leak Detection system based on detection of flow coming into the house with a sprinkler override.

My 1965 Chevy Pickup

This video shows off my latest toy and includes a few minor changes that I made including installation of a 3 point seat belt and a spare tire mount.

Installing Amy's Hot Tub

In this video I wire up my daughter's hot tub including the routing of 6 gauge wire through 1 inch flex and EMT conduit, and a full explanation of the 240 volt 50 amp GFCI Breaker/Disconnect.