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Meet Ozzie

Here's a short video starring our new Golden Retriever puppy, Ozzie.

Install a RV Air Conditioner in Your Home

In this video I install a Dometic Brisk II - Recreation Vehicle type air conditioner on the roof of my daughter Amy's garage.

Installing a Split Air Conditioner

In this videio I install a split air conditioner in our home. The compressor condenser is outdoors and 4 units (cooler and air mover) are installed indoors. Installation, wiring and routing of both refrigerant and condensate lines all explained.

Install a Water Leak Detection and Shut Off System

In this video I install a a Leak Detection system based on detection of flow coming into the house with a sprinkler override.



My 1965 Chevy Pickup


My 1965 Chevy Pickup -Part I

This video shows off my latest toy and includes a few minor changes that I made including installation of a 3 point seat belt and a spare tire mount.

My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part II

In this videio I replace and fix a broken turn signal switch, shorten a new battery cable, and replace the passenger vent window.

My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part III

In this videio I install a low pressure electric fuel pump to prime the mechanical fuel pump and fill the carburetor float bowl. After sitting for a week or more the float bowl would go dry and the starter motor would have to crank forever before the engine would start. Now it fires right up!!


My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part IV

In this videio I fix a couple of large rust holes, replace the wood trim around the bed, and replace the door checks


My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part V

In this videio I replace the drop spindles with stock height spindles to raise the truck up to original height.

My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part VI

In this videio I rebuild the steering column including replacing the bad lower steering shaft bearing with a brass bushing, rebuilding the rag joint, and replacing the upper steering shaft bearing.


My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part VII

Installing a Composite Decking "Wood" bed

Composite decking boards have many many advantages over wood. In this video I install Timber Tech Azek boards with polished stainless steel hold down strips and angle strip


My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part VIII

Replacing hold down strips with L-Track

After installing the composite bed I realized I did not have the ability to tie down cargo. Replacing two of the composite board hold down strips with L-Track gave me the ability to add tiedown fittings anywhere up and down the tracks.

My 1965 Chevy Pickup - Part IX

Replacing a failed mechanical fuel pump with newer style - including new hard fuel line

Installing Amy's Hot Tub

In this video I wire up my daughter's hot tub including the routing of 6 gauge wire through 1 inch flex and EMT conduit, and a full explanation of the 240 volt 50 amp GFCI Breaker/Disconnect.


Replacing a one piece garage door with a sectional garage door

This video shows the changes I made to accommodate a sectional type garage door.


Part II - Adding a notch for the Front Torsion Spring

Had to add a notch to increase the headroom for the Front mounted Torsion Spring


Repairing Roof Leaks

In this video my daughter Amy shows us how to repair leaks on a relatively flat rolled (Torch On) type roof.

Installing a Cremone Bolt

Installing a Cremone Bolt to create a 3 point latching system on an interior French Door

Installing a Sub Panel in the Garage

Installing a sub panel in the garage and add a 220 volt outlet for welding equipment


Garden Sculpture projects (Got a welder and put it to work)!


Setting up and making a Surfer Dude

American Gothic - Man and Woman fashioned after famous painting


Little Red Riding Hood

Replacing our Forced Air Unit

I replaced our furnace a few years back and learned something about digging out dirt that is hard as rocks along the way.


Poor Boy Roof Rack

Adding a Yakima Roof Rack seemed very expensive. Here are some short cuts I took to drastically cut costs.


Installing a Toto Bidet / Washlet

Installing a bidet is pretty straightforward EXCEPT for finding a place to plug it in. This video covers the complete install including locating an outlet near the toilet for the bidet.