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Engineering Services - Summary Statement


Ron Schendel has been providing technical assistance and engineering services to both new projects and on going plant operations for 40 years. Below find:


CARTS Client List (relevant to Technical Assistance):

Client Freeport McMoran Oil & Gas - Inglewood Gas Plant, CA

On site process support including liquds recovery optimization and reconfiguration of expander plant to provide reliable operation meeting customer specs.


Client Chevron - Hawaii Refinery, HI

On site process engineering support for Flare Vapor Recovery project. Process configuration, energy optimization, waste minimization, improved method for preventing plume opacity, etc.


Client ExxonMobil - Joliet Refinery, IL

Sulfur plant optimization study for submission to EPA per consent decree. Development of Preventative Maintenance and Operations plan (PMO) for submission to EPA per consent decree.


Client OMV Australia - Perth

Provided specialist expertise in the area H2S removal and sulfur recovery for onshore processing of gas from the OMV, Sole offshore gas field development. Chemical & Refining Technology Services provided detailed input and led the evaluation process which resulted in selection of the most suitable technology for the OMV project.


Client: Equilon (Shell/Texaco) - Puget Sount, WA / Westhollow, TX

Outside expert participant in risk / reliability study.


Client: Tosco, Wilmington Refinery

Trouble Shooting/Technical Service: Identified cause of high mercaptans in coker gas relative to sulfur dioxide reduction program, and means to improve operation of amine unit. Identified commerically viable options for mercaptan removal.


Client: BOC Gases - Murray Hill, NJ

Representing BOC Gases, participated in Front End Engineering Designs, review of Control System logic, P&ID reviews, HAZOPS, and start ups for refinery sulfur plants using up to 100% oxygen. Inventor of one patent assigned to client, currently pending.


Client: Paramount Petroleum - Paramount, CA

Advised client on process options and relative economics for severely reduced refinery operations. Emphasis on sulfur recovery. Modifications to existing amine/Claus plant versus caustic treating or other alternatives.


Client: TECNA - Estudios Y Proyectos de Ingenieria S.A. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Front End Design Study. Preparation of the preliminary design for a turbo expander plant to be located in Argentina.


Client: Powerine Oil Company - Santa Fe Springs, CA

Completed study identifying options and evaluating methods to increase sulfur plant capacity (including tail gas unit) required by refinery changes being made to meet the Clean Fuels Act.


Client: Ultramar, Inc. - Wilmington, CA Refinery

Technical consultant to Ultramar regarding the expansion of existing sulfur plants to meet requirements of the Clean Fuels Project. Identified viable options; prepared technical briefs, and prepared licensor evaluation methodology. Reviewed cost estimates, and licensor bid package.

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Specific Areas of Technical Expertise

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